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Marleigh's Friends is a 501c3 foster based rescue on a mission to to save the dogs and cats that are left behind in shelters from being euthanized, ones surrendered by their owners, on the streets and those that are being abused and neglected.  We are committed to providing them the medical care they need, and helping them to overcome their past by providing them with a loving foster home while we prepare them for and search for their perfect forever home!


Pet of the Month


Beautiful Serenity spent almost two and a half years n a crate after being abandoned at a grooming facility by an unknown rescue.  To make things worse, she also sat there heartworm positive and untreated. We know nothing of her story prior to that, but we knew we had to get her out of there. 
She has spent the last year since we rescued her, in a wonderful boarding facility where she gets attention, love and plenty of freedom, but it's not the same as a family and a home.  Her heartworms have also been successfully treated!
If you're interested in meeting this wonderful girl, or if you would like to make a donation for Serenity's care and boarding, please reach out or follow the link below!

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