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Interested In Fostering?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to save a life?  That's exactly what fostering does!

It is very hard for shelters to keep up with the number of unclaimed strays and surrenders that enter the shelters here in Texas!  Shelters are over crowed and many end up euthanizing healthy, adoptable pets when they run low on space to make room for the new pets walking in the door.

Shelters partner with local rescues to try to free up space and get the dogs out safely.  Many rescues like ours, do not have a physical location and rely on fosters to take these dogs in and give them a temporary home until they find a loving forever home.  Unfortunately, without fosters, it's very difficult for rescues to assist the shelters because there is no where for them to go!

Button (pictured above) was scheduled to be euthanized the morning we picked her up.  Two and a half weeks later, she gave birth.  Because of a wonderful foster, her and her unborn babies lives were spared!  Without a foster none would be here today.

Did you know that fostering is free?


It is!  It costs you nothing but a little time and love!  Marleigh's Friends covers all your foster's vet care, preventatives and even food!  Anything you choose to purchase for your foster on your own can be written off as a tax deduction!

What is the process to become a foster?


The process is very similar to that of adopting.  Your first step would be to fill out a foster applicationOnce your application is approved we will contact you and arrange for you to meet your new foster. 


How long will I be expected to foster my dog?


We ask that you be prepared to foster your dog until a suitable forever home is found.  It is impossible to predict how long this will take.  Some dogs are adopted right away, while others can take weeks and sometimes months.  If you are limited on time that you are available to foster, that's ok, just let us know!

What is expected of me as a foster?

As a foster, you are taking on this pup as your own, (temporarily) and getting him/her ready to find his very own home.  Love them and spoil them like you would your very own!  Teach them basic manners!  We don't always know a pups back story, but many times you can guess that no one took much time working with them.  If a dog jumps, it's probably because no one told him it was not ok!   Feedback and photos from our fosters help us tremendously when it comes to finding and fitting them in the best home permanently.  Occasional vet appointments will be scheduled at a time convenient to you at our closest partner vet location.  We encourage you to bring your foster to our events!   If you ever need assistance with your foster pup, we are always here to offer support.

Foster Application
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