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Dallas, Texas

Ways To Donate

Through your donations we are able to maintain supplies, food, water, preventatives, medical care and provide shelter, for our dogs in need. We do not have employees or a physical location so every single cent that you donate goes directly towards our day to day operations, ongoing vet bills, as well as boarding costs for ones we do not have fosters for. Everything we do goes directly to helping our pets in need.​

Donations can be made in several ways;

The Pet Vet


3044 Old Denton Rd

Suite 111-158

Carrollton Tx 75007



$13 - DAPP



$28 - HW TEST


$55-$140 - SPAY / NEUTER

$500-$650 - HW TREATMENT

(including staging, xrays, medication and injections)


Current Dogs in Medical Care


Heartworm Treatment

Abandoned by her previous rescue at a local boarding facility where she lived in a cage for over two years.

Serenity was very overweight from being caged and is completely missing one ear as well as part of her other. She has scars all over her body. 

Serenity is a total love.  She thinks she is a lap dog and LOVES kisses.

She was moved to a rescue boarding facility where she gets lots of love and exercise but she deserves so much more.  Serenity needs a foster or adopter to complete her heartworm treatment.



Muscle Damage &

Heartworm Treatment

Angel was struck by a vehicle and ended up in the city shelter.  The vet on staff believed he had a broke leg and put it in a splint.  He sat in the shelter for several weeks before being rescued.  He was taken to the vet and xrays revealed he did NOT have a broken bone, worse, muscle damage that will either repair or wont.  It was also discovered he is heartworm positive.  Angel is only guessed to be about 2 years.  What a rough start to life!


Heartworm Treatment

Tracey was found by local animal control tied up and abandoned at her home, two short months after her first visit to the shelter when her human came to reclaim her.

It is obvious she was never given much love or had much human interaction.  She is very shy and unsure of everything in a home but she is soaking up the love and giving returning it!  She is living her best life and is such a great girl.  Now to get rid of those awful heartworms!


Heartworm Treatment

Hombre, (which means "outlaw" where he is from) came to us from Edinburg Texas,  just north of the Mexican border.

He is a middle aged to senior boy who was living in a pack of strays on the street being fed by local volunteers.  As the cold weather started to approach, we knew we needed to get this guy safely off the street and somewhere warm.

He was captured once but escaped (hence his name)  A few days later he was captured again and transported to the Dallas area where he had a wonderful foster home waiting for him.

He has since been neutered and vaccinated, but "big shocker", he is heartworm positive!

Precious Lexi

Furever Friend

Ongoing Medical

Lexi was surrendered to the local shelter in July of 2019 by the only family she had known since she was 8 weeks old because the could no longer care for her.


She was rescued on October 4, 2019.  Her very advanced heartworms have been staged and we are treating her as carefully as possible.  Lexi's cough has gotten better since we began treating her and the swelling on her abdomen has gone down but we still have a long way to go.


We were able to obtain records from her previous owner that shows she has had heartworms at a minimum of 4.5 years

Lexi will be with us the rest of her days and we will do everything we an for her so please check back for updates!


Heartworm Treatment

Carlos was an owner surrender to a local shelter where he sat several months with no adoption interest and quickly found himself on top of the euthanasia list. His owner told shelter staff she was having a baby and couldn't keep him.  <insert eye roll>


He is about 4 to 5 years old and heartworm positive.